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Collection Oahu SurfBoard

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- You will be part of Tropical Island Club

- Only for those who are part of the mint process. You will be entered to win a Tiki Smile.

- Rewards for holding as the project and community grow.

- The first 500 to obtain an Oahu SurfBoard will enter a white list, where they will enjoy preference in future projects and purchase of collections.

- We will listen to holders' suggestions for future projects in which they can participate as promoters.

About Us...

Oahu SurfBoard is a collection that is part of Tropical Island Club.

Oahu is the beginning of Tropical Island Club to provide a collection that is affordable for everyone who wants to enter the NFT world.

This way you will have the possibility to be part of our community and be part of the many projects and events that we have prepared.

With Oahu we seek to create a community where its members are the banner of the project and accompany us in the growth of Tropical Island Club.

If you want to know more, we invite you to join our discord server, where you will find all our information, related to our team of developers, our road map and Tropical Island Club.

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Collection Oahu SurfBoard